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Client Charter

NCY Motors agrees to :
1. Reserve you, a personalized welcome that integrates a listening, a quick availability of your interlocutor.
2. Give you all the explanations on the intervention, the cost as well as the deadlines registered on your pro-forma invoice for your approval.
3. The compliance of interventions with the pro-forma invoice. No further intervention will be done without your agreement.
4. Conform to the quality of repairs. We always carefully carry out the interventions specified on your pro-forma invoice. Of course, you will only pay for thr essential if we need to intervene again.
5. Respect a specific deadline of return during maintenance work on your vehicle and if it is not met and the vehicle is immobilized, we provide you with a replacement vehicle.
6. To provide you, on simple request, all the explanations with regards to your invoice which will be in conformity with your purchase order and your pro-forma invoice.
7. Inform you about transportation solutions, replacement vehicle according to the tariffs in force or any other possibility.
8. Offer you a post repair test of your vehicle before delivery following your visit, your phone call or your internet contact.
9. Consider all claims and provide a satisfactory response within a reasonable time.
10. Develop new service offers to meet your future needs