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General Mechanics

Our Certified Automobile professionals are ever ready to diagnose and fix any mechanical issues with your vehicle with the aid of state-of- Art-tools as they have been through a thorough recruitment process.

Auto Electricity & Electronics

The multi-brand electronic diagnostics consists in being able to carry out on any vehicle a control of self-diagnosis codes.

Safety and Alarm

Because we know how important your vehicle is to you, we deploy every means for its safety.

Sheet Metal & Painting

NCY MOTORS GROUP Sarl offers a complete body service for all types of vehicles and all trade marks.


NCY Motors GROUP Sarl helps you with any rehabilitation, customization or repair of your interiors. We take care of your car seats.

Towing Services

To better serve you, in addition to the repairs, the NCY Motors Group Sarl has a towing vehicle to tow for all distances.

Acquire one of our services and get a free carwash service!